SWF Information

Refer to Article 11 in your Collective Agreement (English) (en Franšais), for a detailed description of the SWF process;

Note that EACH college has their own Workload Monitoring Committee in place.

SWF Essentials Summary Of Process
Effective Fall 2016

A Standard SWF form will be used for allocating work assignments to all Full Time Faculty.
The form's detail  and relevance and are not difficult when one focuses on smaller localized areas of the form at a time.

Click on either of the two links below for a readable, printable PDF copy
of Local 237's SWF Essentials Instructions

11-page version (larger type)
6-page version (smaller type; 2-up)

Untimely SWFs (6-week SWF Notification)

Workload Arbitration Award (1994) 


Interactive SWF Calculator

(Downloadable Excel Worksheet)



-dropdowns for preparation and evaluation factors
-choosing OT for Other will cause it to search for the course number in the OT evaluation factor table below
-it will warn you if the mixture of evaluation types in the OT table does not equal 1.0 (i.e. 100%)
-the formulas should calculate all totals automatically
-it will warn you if the total number of students exceeds 260
-it will calculate overtime or warn you if the SWF is over 47 hours

Thanks to Fanshawe Faculty Union 110 for the SWF Calculator

SWF Issues Lunch 'n Learn Sessions
  Dates & Locations to be announced