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 Added 27 April, 2020 - If I am not Partial-Load for one semester, will it affect my seniority?

Added 27 April, 2020 - If I am not Partial-Load for one semester, will it affect the Partial-Load Registry?

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What is Partial-load Employment in 2020?

The primary concern is employment for the spring/summer semester 2020 and also the fall semester 2020. In regards to assigning partial-load assignments, there are delays/revisions because the pandemic has resulted in changes to student numbers and in particular level one/semester one international students. The College has decided not to offer level one/first semester courses this spring, if the students were primarily international students. As a result of this decision full-time faculty who teach in the spring/summer now require revised assignments on their SWFs, it they had been assigned to courses not being offered. This is further complicated because some sections are also being removed or increased in size if the number of students are reduced. Full-time assignments will be revised next week and partial-load assignment will be offered at that time or shortly after.

It is important for you to let your Chair know that you are still interested in a partial-load assignment for the spring/summer semester. The Union in our weekly discussions with the College has also made the College aware that our PL members are concerned about employment and need to know what is available as soon as possible. We have also discussed concerns about benefits. In our discussion the College stated that it may not be possible to offer 12 hours of teaching but will attempt to keep PL between 7-12 hours to maintain their benefits, wherever possible.

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If I am not Partial-Load for one semester, will it affect my seniority?


If I am not Partial-Load for one semester, will it affect my Partial-Load Registry?

The answer is no, it does not affect the Partial-Load Registry.  When you register "by October 30th in each calendar year", you are registered for "the following calendar year". This means that you have already registered for fall 2020, but must register by October 30, 2020 for the next academic year, which starts with winter 2021. Please refer to Articles 26.10 B and 26.10 C on page 58 in the Collective Agreement.

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What is the Partial-load Registry?

There still is some confusion about the Registry and how seniority applies. The following is an explanation of Article 26.10E.

Before a partial-load member is offered an assignment of seven to twelve hours of teaching, the “college determines there is a need to hire a partial-load employee. (CA p. 59)” This means that the Chair will load the full-time employee first and then if there are unassigned courses, the courses may be assigned to a part-time (less than 6 hours) academic employee, a PL (7-12 hours) academic employee or a sessional (13 hours or more) academic employee. There is no language in the Collective Agreement (CA) that requires the College to offer partial-load assignments before part-time or sessional assignments. The College has the right to determine the type of assignment. This may mean that the course(s) you usually teach are offered to a part-time or sessional. If you are willing to step out of being a PL then you need to let the Chair know. However, as a part-time or sessional faculty you are no longer in the union nor will you have access to benefits.

If it is determined that the assignment is a partial-load (7-12 hours), the Chair will use the Registry to identify which PL have taught the course or courses, in the assignment.

The following is an example of what happens if there is one course and 3 sections in the assignment:

The Chair puts the number and name of the course into the Registry

All the registered PLs who have taught the course are determined to be a 100% match for this assignment. The PL with the most seniority will get the assignment.

If there are two different courses in the assignment:

The Chair puts the numbers and names of the courses into the Registry

All the registered PLs who have taught either course are identified however only the PL determined to be a 100% match for both courses will be considered because the other PLs are less than a 100% match, even though they may have more seniority for one of the course in the assignment.  If there is more than one PL with a 100% match then the PL with the most seniority will get this assignment

I hope that the two examples demonstrate how the assignment is offered, by the Chair. Sometimes people with less seniority get the assignment, even though another PL has more seniority.

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Does an offer guarantee that I will be employed this spring/summer?

An offer should be considered as an assignment that may become a contract provided there are no changes such as a reduction in students/sections.

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Is a contract firm employment?

Yes it is a firm  but like all contracts you  need to “read the small print” and  you will see that if there is any change in student numbers etc. a course/section may be removed. If this happens it is important to let your Chair know by email that the removal of the course has resulted in changing your contract from a partial load to a part-time contract.  If there is a part-time offering of another section for the lost section the College has in the past agreed to reassign the section to keep a past PL in a PL assignment. Be sure to let the Union know as well and we will advocate on your behalf.

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I always have a 12 teaching hour assignment but this semester I have only 9 hours of teaching. Am I entitled to 12 hours every semester?

The College determines the PL assignment and it may be between seven to twelve hours. The CA does not have any language to support the number of hours in an assignment. “A partial-load employee is defined as a teacher who teaches more than six and up to and including 12 hours per week on a regular basis (Article 26.01 B on p. 49). There is no guarantee that the number of teaching hours will always be 12 teaching hours.

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I have spent a lot of time revising courses for remote teaching this term. Will there be compensation?


Partial-load assignments are for teaching only. Curriculum guidance is provided by a full-time faculty who has been given hours on their SWF. Curriculum guidance includes the maintenance and updating of curriculum material and also the following:

* Connect with other teachers; start up meeting

* Review of course outline, instructional plan, assessments

* Face to face/online meetings or contact

* Respond to questions; maintain regular communication


It is important for you to know who provides curriculum guidance for the course(s) you teach. PL faculty cannot be issued separate contracts for other work when they are teaching. However, before the start of a semester or during student success week part-time contracts can be issued for curriculum development.


There was an exception to this principle in the immediate response to the pandemic crisis which required all courses to be delivered remotely for the end of the winter semester. There was a break week between the traditional delivery of courses and the remote course delivery. During that week, as a PL you were paid at your regular teaching rate to assist in making the course remotely. However, in the next semester, if there is no full time faculty providing curriculum guidance then PL faculty will be issued contracts during the break between the winter and the spring/summer semester to prepare course for remote delivery. The contracts will be part-time contracts and will be at a fair rate but not at a teaching rate.


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Will an extension be given to faculty to submit their final grades this semester?

“The grades submission deadline for the winter semester has been extended to May 8. Please refer to Faculty Winter 2020 FAQs on Colleges COVID-19 information page.


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If you have additional questions please contact your steward or me and we will answer your questions and add them to this FAQ.


Please refer to to find contact information for your steward.  Always use your private/home email to reach out to a steward. My private email address is



In Solidarity

Lana-Lee Hardacre

OPSEU Local 237 President