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April 27, 2020

Message from your President, Local 237 Conestoga College

Hello to all Full-Time and Partial-Load members.

Whether you have Full-time, or Partial load status, the purpose of this message is to consolidate some important SWF topics, particularly during these COVID-19 times, into what we trust is a comprehensive package that can assist you.

1). SWF is an acronym for System Workload Formula. The SWF initially appears to be a complicated document. Downloadable documents such as SWF Guidelines, a Faculty SWF Checklist, and an interactive SWF Calculator/Self-Checker are available for your use and understanding of your SWF. The above three documents are always accessible as permanent blue links on the left of Local 237's opening Web page.

2). You may have some questions about your SWF. We trust all your questions are answered in the applicable (Full-Time or Partial-Load) SWF FAQ sections. If you have a questions that is not listed and answered on the applicable FAQ section, email your question to me at or contact your local stewardThe FAQs are regularly updated with new entries as the need requires.

3). You will appreciate how to interpret the SWF that your Chair has prepared for you, with respect to how you, with discussion with your Chair, can mutually interpret the appropriate workloads for each to the courses you have been assigned. You will understand how you fit within the Full-Time or Partial-Load status criteria. The Union President's messages will help you better interpret your SWF, and your status.

SWF Information for both Full-Time and Partial-Load
Downloadable Guidelines;  Checklist;  SWF Calculator

President's Messages and SWF FAQs for Full-Time Faculty

President's Messages and SWF FAQs for Partial-Load Faculty


The Union respects your communications in confidence, sharing only the questions and concerns with the College.

The Union meets with the College by Zoom and advocates on your behalf with the College, .

In solidarity,

Lana-Lee Hardacre

CAAT(A) President,

Local 237, Conestoga College

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