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Attendance Reporting l Coordinators' Duties l Cyber-Libel l Dealing with Difficult Managers l Grievance Information l In-Service Teacher Training Program

Interpreting the Collective Agreement  l Job Classifications  l Modified Workload Agreements l Non-Contact Days     

Non-Collective Agreement Faculty l Non-Teaching Period  l Online Learning  l Part-Time Campaign  l Performance Appraisals l  Positive Assertiveness

Annual Professional Development  l  Professional Development Leave l Taking Action on Workplace Stress l Thinking about Retirement? l Timetables l




Question & Answer

Attendance Reporting

I have been informed that I must report my own attendance records on a weekly basis. Is this true?  -- Answer

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Coordinators' Duties

According to the Collective Agreement, what are my duties as a coordinator?  -- Answer

According to Section i3 in the Collective Agreement, Coordinator Duties on my SWF should accurately reflect the time it takes to carry out the assigned work. The assigned duties are taking up more hours that are allotted on my current SWF. What should I do?-- Answer


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Can a Teacher be charged with Libel for sharing online/electrinoc information about their students with fellow Teachers? -- Answer

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Dealing with Difficult Managers Are you dealing with a manager suffering from micromanagitis or authoritarian personality disorder?  -- Answer Suggestions courtesy of OPSEU Local 560

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Grievance Information

Can a grievance be based on bad management? -- Answer

Is there an historical Grievance Data Base? -- Answer

I believe I have the necessity to start a Grievance procedure. How do I start? -- Answer

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In-Service Teacher Training Program

What is the In-Service Teacher Training Program (ISTTP)? -- Answer

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Interpreting the Collective Agreement

Is all this stuff in the Collective Agreement? How can I find something in the Collective Agreement? -- Answer

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Job Classifications

What is the difference between "Full Time" and "Partial Load"? -- Answer

What is "Part Time"? -- Answer

What is "Sessional"? -- Answer

My supervisor told me that it is school policy that I must incorporate as a small business in order that I be given an assignment to teach courses for a total of seven to twelve hours per semester.  Is this true?   Is this legal? -- Answer


I'm a sessional employee. My supervisor told me that the Union does not want me to work four semesters  in a row at sessional hours, so I have been offered part-time hours this semester. Why? -- Answer

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Modified Workload Agreements

Can you give me a detailed description of what a Modified Workload Agreement is, including its possible advantages & disadvantages, and how I could negotiate a Modified Workload Agreement between me and my supervisor? -- Answer

What are Modified Workload Agreements (MWA)s? -- Answer

What Did the Workload Task Force recommend for Modified Workloads? -- Answer

Does the Colleges' contract meet the recommendations of the Workload Taskforce? -- Answer

What is not included when calculating Total Workload for an MWA? -- Answer

Are student numbers factored in the MWA Workload proposal? -- Answer

What should I look for to feel comfortable with an MWA assignment? -- Answer

Can MWAs be Arbitrated?  -- Answer

Can the entire Faculty in a program refuse MWAs? -- Answer

Can an individual Faculty refuse to participate in an MWA? -- Answer

Does the Union have "final say" on program and individual faculty MWAs? -- Answer

Can a Faculty Member recommend an MWA to Modified Workload Monitoring? -- Answer

Can a Faculty Member grieve an MWA? -- Answer

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Non-Contact Days

My supervisor insists that my non-contact day should be used for College work, as it is part of the teaching week. Is this true? -- Answer

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Non-Collective-Agreement Faculty

What is a Non-Collective-Agreement Faculty position, and what does the position feel like in the context of the Collective Agreement?  -- Answer

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Non-Teaching Period (May/June)


*Arrange your minimum ten (10) Professional Development (PD) days, plus any carry-over vacation days before June 30, in this order. Why? PD days cannot be carried forward, while with approval, vacation days can be carried forward. See PD/Vacation below.


I don’t have a SWF for May and June. What work do I do during May and June? -- Answer

I received a SWF to teach in the May and June period. Do I have to do this work? -- Answer

I received an assignment to develop new course and program designs during May and June. Do I have to do this work? -- Answer

I have been offered a contract to develop new course and program designs. The dollar figures are attractive. The contract falls in the May-August period. What should I do? -- Answer

I have been offered an opportunity to earn extra money if I develop new course and program designs for the College. My Supervisor tells me that if I incorporate or register as a business, I can invoice the College for payment at the end of the development.  The pay and the tax shelter through the business are attractive, and the span of the agreement falls in a period when I think I can handle the extra work. -- Answer

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Online Learning

I have received pressure to convert my “bricks-and-mortar” course delivery and material to an online course. I have some concerns and would like a second opinion other than my supervisor’s opinion. -- Answer

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Part-Time Campaign

What’s going on with the Part Time Campaign? -- Answer

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Performance Appraisals

My Performance Appraisal is coming up this year. I want to use a different appraisal method rather than the Student Appraisal of Teaching.  How is this done? -- Answer

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Positive Assertiveness

When I say no, I feel Guilty... -- Answer

Mastering the Manipulator... -- Answer

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Annual Professional Development

You are entitled to a minimum of ten (10) days per year. At least five (5) days may be taken consecutively. See some professional development guidelines, examples of professional development activities, plus the relevant articles within your Collective Agreement. Click Here

My supervisor wants me to arrange ten days Professional Development at the same time as I designate my vacation Days request. I have ten days that I can use as Professional Development. How do I do this and what is eligible? -- Answer

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Professional Development Leave

Humber College, in its letter of approval of Professional Development leave, is claiming a vested interest in anything produced during that leave that has commercial value. I assume that means royalties on books, patents, and so on. I've heard from the Dean that the college believes that anything produced on PD Leave is paid work and, therefore, College property. Is this true? -- Answer

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Taking Action on Workplace Stress 

"Is workplace stress an issue in your workplace?  Do you experience issues such as excessive workload, chronic understaffing, lack of recognition, lack of support, lack of rewards, and little control over your work? Are workplace bullying, violence, and harassment part of your environment?" If you said yes, read on...-- Answer

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Thinking about Retirement?

When is the best time to retire? -- Answer

What are some of the "hidden" costs or expenses upon retirement? -- Answer

Upon retirement, the College presents a Sun Life Extended Health Care package that will cost me out of my pocket. Is Sun Life the only option I have? -- Answer

Truth or Myth? Monthly out-of-pocket medical coverage premiums were tax-deductible, so why worry about the cost per month when I will get it back when I file my tax return next year? -- Answer

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My supervisor has asked me to waive Article 11.01 L1 which states that my teaching day cannot be longer than eight hours.  What should I do? -- Answer

My supervisor has asked me to waive Article 11.01 L2 which states that my teaching day should not start less than twelve hours after the end of my previous teaching day.  What should I do? -- Answer

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If we as a Faculty in our program teach about 19-20 hours per week for each person, we can cover all the courses. For the good of the program, we agreed to forego overtime claims to ensure the quality and viability of our program. We are heavily marketing our program on weekends and weeknights as well, to ensure we have a good student base. -- Answer

The Human Resources Department telling me that they can no longer offer me a Continuing Education part-time contract to teach at night. Why did they stop this? -- Answer

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