A message from your Local 237 President - August 11, 2020


Hello Faculty

I want to start by welcoming back all faculty who have been on vacation. And I want to check in with those of you who have been teaching during the spring and summer.  Maureen Murphy-Fricker and I have just had our first meeting with College admin (Barb Kelly and Shelley Schenk).

As a result of our meeting there are a few items that I would like to share with you:

1)    The Course “pull” is on August 21st which is about 2 weeks later than usual. A “course pull” is when all courses and class sizes are finalized.


2)    Revisions to class size and/or courses may be necessary. For full time faculty this will result in revised SWFs and for partial-load faculty it may require an adjustment to your offer letters.


 3)    If you have any questions about your fall assignment please contact the Union from your private email to our email at letterbox237@gmail.com


4)    Contracts for contract faculty will be released after August 21, 2020.


5)    Timetables will be released after August 21, 2020.


6)    Timetables will include all the hours for assigned courses including OLC courses.


7)    If faculty have any timetable concerns it is important to notify the Chair immediately, as there is little time for any changes, before the semester starts.


8)    All faculty will be expected to have a “touch point” with students in each course. This involves a minimum 1 hour of synchronous teaching which is defined as a 50 minute hour, as per the Collective Agreement. In some cases, depending on the course, the synchronous hour may be less than 50 minutes.


9)    There is built in flexibility in scheduling the synchronous hour. It can be the first hour or the last hour of the scheduled class time. Faculty will determine what works best for delivery. For example, faculty with children at home may decide that for a 3 hour class from 8:00-11:00 am, they will meet with their students at 10:00 am and have the students work independently for the first two hours.


Faculty also have flexibility in offering more than one hour of synchronous teaching for every class or some classes, within the assigned TCHs (teaching contact hours) for the course It will be important to inform the students about the synchronous learning scheduled time for your classes. Faculty are also expected to record the synchronous teaching for students unable to attend at the set time.


The central theme to teaching this fall at Conestoga is to be open to flexibility and change!  SATs will resume this fall if it is time to assess your teaching, but they will have revised questions that relate to remote teaching if you are not teaching in person, in a lab or shop,


The other central theme is that we are all responsible for the health and safety of our college community. If you have been approved to come on campus to teach or use any resources including your office, please follow all the set Guidelines including:


a.    Completing the pre-screen

b.    Wearing a College issued mask

c.    Only using the designated entrances and exits;

d.    Following the direction arrows

The good news is that there will not be any parking fees during the fall semester, even if you are assigned to teach in person.

The Local will be working remotely but we are available by email to support you as you navigate the fall semester. Please feel free to contact your steward and/or the Local to request a phone appointment.  Also visit our website at www.local237.ca for resources such as an electronic Collective Agreement.


In Solidarity,

Lana-Lee Hardacre, OPSEU Local 237 President