Zoom 237

All-Members General Meeting

 Zoom Meeting Details (link) available on day of Meeting -- Agenda in "Meeting Documents Package" below.

Wednesday, February 24th 2021

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

~  Bargaining 2021: Local Demand-Set Meeting

~  Selection of Chief Steward

~ Local Bylaws maintenance - suggested changes; additions


In preparation for the GMM on Feb. 24, please assist the L.E.C. by signing in to the meeting in advance.

The Google Pre-Registration Form was eMailed to your personal email address.

Please use Google Forms to complete and submit this form by February 22, 2021.

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You have some meeting prep. homework - see below. 

F.Y.I - You have Homework... Meeting Prep. Documents
Local 237 - Robert's Rules
Election Buddy - Sample eMail and Ballot
Demand Setting Explanation 2021
Demand Setting PROPOSED INSTRUCTIONS Feb 24 2021 
Meeting Documents Package
Please Bring/Have Available
February 24, 2021 AGM Agenda - click here
Stewards Nomination Form - Nominations for Chief Steward are invited at the GMM. Please note that in accordance with OPSEU policy, all nominations must be submitted on this nomination form. The form can be presented at the GMM. Members are encouraged to submit for the Chief Steward role is a key to overseeing and upholding workloads for the next Collective Agreement (CA).
Local 237 Bylaws Feb 10 2021
- As vetted, Region 2 meeting, presented to LEC on Feb 10 2021. Pending OPSEU approval.
Proposed Bylaw Changes for GMM Meeting Feb 24 2021
- Proposed Local Bylaws, and changes to be presented at Feb. 24 2021 meeting. Your revision/addition to the Article(s) as found in the current CA will need to be presented in writing during the GMM.
Collective Agreement
- To assist with writing demands, please bring your personal copy of your current Collective Agreement
Current Local 237 Executive - as of February 12, 2021

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