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 Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act - Your Rights and Privileges

a.k.a. Bill 148

What is Bill 148? In a nutshell, it means:

Equal Pay for Part-time, Casual, Temporary and Seasonal Employees in Ontario

Bill 148 implements a general rule that no employee may be paid less than what is paid to full-time employees of the same employer who perform the same job. This is accomplished by prohibiting differential pay where this is based on “difference in employment status.” The rule applies to part-time, casual, temporary and seasonal employees, unless there are objective reasons to justify a differential wage rate, including systems that are based on seniority, merit, where earnings are measured by quantity or quality of production or on any other factor other than sex or employment status.

Employees have a right to request a review of their wages, and employers are required to respond by either increasing the wage rate or providing a written explanation of the differential. Bill 148 contains anti-reprisal protections for such requests.

Bill 148 (full text here) gained Royal Assent in the Ontario Legislature on November 22, 2017

What this means for Part-Time, Casual and Seasonal Employees:

These rules came into effect on April 1, 2018.

Summary of Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act

Equal Pay: It's the Law!

"Substantially the same work" - Guidelines

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Day of Awareness - 04 April 2018

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