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Urgent! Join Local 237's Home gmail Address Book

This is a province-wide stipulation

All locals will refrain from using college e-mail servers since we cannot be certain faculty will have secure, uninterrupted access to Union Local communications.

The Faculty Union Local 237 Executive changed its "home" email address-book in the interests of privacy, security, plus uninterruptable service.  To guarantee security & accessibility at both ends we need you to provide us with a non-college private email address.

The Faculty Union office will soon cease to communicate with you through the Conestoga College email system.

The Faculty Union Office will continue to communicate with you at two levels:

Primary source: Our Web site at

Secondary source: Our secure gmail distributed email-list.

For example, Local237's secure email address is ; you can access the list of 237 Executive personal email addresses by clicking the blue button on the left.

For effective Union Local intercommunication, you must provide the Union with your private email address: If we don't know it, we won't send you anything.

If you haven't already, you can set up a private eMail account free of charge with one of the more popular hosts below:

Get a free, easy, email account from one of these secure sites:  ( Gmail,   Hotmail,   Yahoo )


Depending on your home computer setup, send us your private email address - click here or email your name & private email address to